WordPress E-Commerce Solutions; What are Your Options?

Picking the perfect plugin to run your WordPress e-commerce store on is a big decision. The wrong choice could lead to a lot of hassle and headache down the road. See our guide on the best e-commerce plugins for you to use on WordPress.

First though, what must you consider?


How does the plugin let you create an online store unique to you? Take into account the freedom of choice you have with your plugin. This can be anything from using templates to using a drag and drop builder.

What Payment Gateways Can You Use?

As standard, most plugins will come with a few payment gateways, but what else can you add to this? Consider how your clients may like to pay and use this as a factor in your decision.

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How Accessible is the Plugin?

Having a plugin that you can’t use as a solution for e-commerce on WordPress isn’t much use to you. If you are not a particularly internet savvy individual, a more user friendly plugin may be advisable. This could however limit you down the line.

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Tech Support

Stuck with an issue you can’t fix? This is when you need support to come to the rescue. See who offers you the best all around help with your website to get what’s best for you.

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What Else Can You Add To Your Plugin?

The ability to be able to add extra features and options to your plugin may matter to you. Extra payment options, customisation, security and other things may be desirable to you.

What are Your WordPress E-Commerce Solutions?


Possibly the most popular WordPress e-commerce solution, WooCommerce offers you the opportunity to sell both any product or service you have. Make something that is uniquely yours by using the many templates WooCommerce provides. You can even go completely off the script and design your own with a page builder like Elementor.

You can even choose from a wide range of payment gateways and hundreds of add-ons. It’s also completely free.


Not necessarily 100% a standard plugin, but it does work in the same way. You pay a monthly fee and get a hassle free, easy to use e-commerce solution. Don’t worry about SSL certs or payment gateways.

The costs may be a factor in your decision, but the ease of use factors may be worth it you.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you are selling some sort of digital only item, then Easy Digital Downloads may be for you. Easy to use and very lightweight, it can be added without hassle to your website. Get your content online quickly and without fuss if you sell just digital products.


Get a plugin that has everything you want already built in. Save on hassle, headaches and possibly money. It’s super easy to integrate into WordPress and lets you keep all of your added extras in one place.

Have you find a WordPress e-commerce solution for you? We hope that our guide gave you everything you need to know. If you want a WordPress website then get in contact with Meath Web Design.