Do You Really Need An Online Shop?

Do you really need to have an online shop for your company website? Will it end up being a big waste of money and effort? Well like a lot of things it is if you don’t use it.

As our buying habits move more and more online, having an e-commerce presence could be vital. Here are some stats that might convince you.

  • Big commerce claims e-commerce is growing 23% annually
  • E-commerce is expected to account for 15.5% of retail sales worldwide in 2020 accrording to Oberlo
  • 62% of online buyers purchase at least once a month according to Episercer

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons we think you should create your own new website.

online shop meath

Generate Passive Income

Passive may be the wrong word as you still have to work on it and promote it. However, you should be doing this for your business anyway and an online shop can be a great way of opening up your business.


KPMG say the number one reason for online purchases was the always open aspect of online shopping. This opens your business up to everyone, night or day with an online shop.

Low Risk

Greatly reduced overheads from everything to staff and rent to insurance and rates. Therefore, an online shop costs a fraction of what a physical store would.

Get Ahead

With shopping moving more and more online, there has never been a better time to get yourself set up and selling on the web.

Having an online store versus a physical store offers many benefits and has a whole host of arguments. However, that’s for another day.

Operating without an online shop could mean you are missing out on a lot of potential business and ultimately being left behind by your competition.

If you are interested in an online store get in touch with Meath Web Design today to start your journey.