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Are you looking for a new school website, or a redesign of your current site? Well you have found the perfect company for you

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Considering a new school website design?

We know how important it is for schools to have a modern and highly functional website. Acting as one of the main points for news and information for parents of both current and future pupils a school website has to get certain things right. We create a new website that is fast, safe, easy for you to use and an asset to the school community and families. A good website is vital for every school, whether its a primary, secondary or boarding school.

You may ask what are the actual benefits of having a school website design or of improving upon a current design? Many school website designs are created and then left to sit and go unutilised for years and years. This content quickly becomes old and stale and overall a poor representation of what is a good school. With one of our websites it is simple to keep the website looking tip-top and easy to add new website content daily. Our handy to use content management system and guides mean you can handle much of the upkeep yourself and make the process a lot easier.

This makes the site something that will be an asset for years to come to both you and parents. Not only to current pupils parents but prospective students too. A strong school website design gives the message of an institution that is very active and thorough in everything they do. Get information out there easily and quickly with a place to keep your schools policies, rules and any other content.

Our system for a school website offers you a worry free and simple to manage web experience. What do we mean by this? Well, we have support for you any time of day letting us quickly fix any issues or errors that will occur on the site and avoiding any downtime on the site. Our super-safe hosting means that your site is safe from attacks and malicious actions letting you keep focused on what is important.

School Web Design FAQ

Getting started is simple and easy. You just give us a call or an email and we can start the process. If you give us a rundown of what you want your new website to be able to do, the general look of it, etc. we can then get back to you with an idea for the best designs.
When all of this is settled we can start designing your website. You will be able to see our progress by visiting the development site. Then we can sort the mobile and tablet responsiveness. We can then insert your content to the site and really start polishing it up.

If you have all of your content ready to go and we can get the design right quickly then the site can be developed in two weeks. This can take a little long if there are big design revisions are needed or communication is slow.

When the website is launched we will offer you support with any issues that crop up. We will also give you a guide for how you can keep make changes to the site. If you do not have a domain or need hosting we can absolutely offer this to you.

We can tailor the website to your needs. At a bare minimum your website needs a homepage, about page and a contact page. We would also suggest an upcoming events page to keep everyone up to date on what is happening in the future. If needed we can add an area for any fees that may need to be paid or any other features you may want.

You do not need a school website however we would recommend one for many reasons. A site can act as an easy place to showcase the school’s many benefits and to easily share information about the school’s culture to a wide audience. It is also useful for current pupils and parents to help them find what they’re looking for whether that is related to school breaks, events, etc. It is an easy way to show your school in the best light providing the website is user-friendly and responsive.

We create websites for every school from national school websites to top level institutions. Everyone can benefit from a well made website.

Security is of the upmost importance. A school’s website is doubly important as it may contain very sensitive information. We would recommend an ongoing care package to ensure that the website is kept safe. All of our websites are designed and developed with this in mind.

A professional designer offers you a whole host of benefits versus a page builder. First off, we are working on websites every single day so we know what it takes to make a website well-designed that is easy for teachers, parents and students. Secondly we can help highlight the schools values in a user-friendly website design to really get across everything the school has to offer.