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What Does a Website Maintenance Plan Include?

We customise each of our plans to suit the client’s needs. However, our basic plans include hosting, regular website updates and security ensuring your website is secure. This means that that you will not have to worry about your website being safe and up to date ensuring you can get on with other parts of business. No matter the size of your business, we can help you keep your website performing just it should.

Maintenance plans can do more than just keeping a website site up and active. They can really help build and improve your website, crafting something that will be perfect for your business goals. We can help you improve your website to create something you are constantly happy with by updating content to just what you want.

Combine a maintenance package with some of our SEO abilities and you have a site that will be a major asset to your business. Our maintenance plans work with our SEO work to have your site secured in that top spot and running as fast as it can thanks to quality website design and hosting.

If you are interested in creating a maintenance package for your business, then get in contact today.

Why Do I Need Maintenance?

Boost Security

Keeping your site safe is our number one priority. Our tried and tested methods will do just that.

Quality Hosting

Your site is only as good as the hosting its on. Choose the best hosting with us for a fast and safe website.

Updated Site

Keep everything on your site just as you want it with frequent updates. Be it blogs, plugins or products.

Support For You

We pride ourselves on a rapid turn around support. All minor fixes can be done within 24 hours Mon-Fri.

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Get in touch with us about our maintenance plans. We can create a custom package just to sut you and your businesses needs

The Basics of Website Maintenance Services

Website maintenance is important to any business. Regular maintenance is more than just keeping everything fresh, it means having your site up to date with newest safety features and ensuring it runs efficiently. Good web design is nothing without quality maintenance. See our recommendations to make your site safe.

Maintain the Website Often

Regular website checks and updates are a must, we would say at the very least, once a year. Every 3 months would an optimum amount. Doing this means you can find any content errors, embarrassing typo errors, bad links or poorly optimised content. Check the site both as a user and behind the scenes to get a full 360 view of things.

Up to Date Web Development Responsiveness

Make sure that your website responds well on all browsers and on all device sizes with those browsers. This should be done every six months as demands are constantly changing.

website maintenance meath

Points Of Contact/Forms

Ensure that the website forms or other points of contact are working. From being able to write in forms, to buttons and checkouts if you have an e-commerce site. Errors should display if you input the wrong info or miss a section. If these aren’t working as they should you could be missing out on tonnes of clients.

Regularly Perform Backups

Backups are the only thing stopping you from losing your entire website, and so must be done regularly. Your business may be the backbone of your company and losing it could be devastating. Backups can be done automatically using a plugin.

Ongoing Website Maintenance With Analytics

Stop issues early on before they grow into something bigger with analytics. Keep an eye on your key performance indicators (KPI’s) to get issues sorted fast. If your SEO rankings drop these will indicate that something is up with your site and not well. This work however will not only mean your site is safe but it will be optimised and ranking better.

Check Your Security Software

To protect both your information and your site from hackers trying to break their way into your site you must use security software. Options like WordFence are good. Make sure everything is up to date and can be updated regularly by having them update automatically. Regular checks though mean that you won’t leave anything behind.

You have to have your site up to date for multiple reasons. These range from security to speed and content. If you avoid it your could run the risk of not only losing business but your entire website. It can then be very difficult to get your website back. If you would like maintenance preformed on your site, get in contact today.

Why Is a Website Maintenance Package Important?

Having your site in top form should be a major priority for any website owners. When a customer comes to your site they should get the impression that you are a proper professional business with a professional website. With regular affordable website maintenance Ireland and updates your business means you will be retaining customers you have currently and grow quickly to bring in more

Lets focus in more on specific points you can help you maintain your website.

Improve WordPress Website Visitors Experience

Consider the user experience of a site visitor. If your website doesn’t load quickly and eventually when it does there are bad links, no SSL Certificates, spam comments, etc. This is a pretty poor first impression for anyone.

Now think of the opposite. You come in on a site that is perfectly maintained . It loads quickly, all the website content appears correctly and the site is easy and clear. This is perfect and shows that the website’s performance is high.

This seamless online experience is vital to anyone visiting the site and is down to web maintenance. This improved experience means you increase your website dwell time and ultimately your income. This positive impression and experience will draw in more visitors to your website and continued traffic growth.

WordPress Website Maintenance and SEO

A maintenance plan doesn’t only aim to provide visitors with a great experience, it will improve your search engine optimisation strategy and help give you the best positions on search engines. Search engines use crawlers to read and index your website. These bots then dictate where your website ranks on the relevant search engines.

For example, Google bots will scan your site. These bots then evaluate the quality of your website and use this to choose where to rank it online. There are a few factors that are used to rank, these are generally broken into technical SEO, content and backlinks to your chances of succeeding on the search engine results pages.

A poorly executed SEO strategy will kill your rankings. Things like missing pages, broken links, duplicate content etc. will cause you to spiral when trying to rank. Regular website maintenance tasks avoids this very simply correcting them before they can be crawled and indexed. Keeping the site maintained and healthy is a must to keep on top of your SEO.

Your Reputation Needs to be Maintained

Poor maintenance is a bad representation of your business. Old content with broken links and images that are loading weird don’t bode well for a businesses service. It gives an impression of scrappy quality work that nobody cares for.

aintenance is an easy way around this. It puts into a positive position, and shows that you are a thorough and considerate business. For this, a website maintenance job list is the only way to stay on top. Avoiding broken links, adding new content and keeping the site healthy are the best way for you to do this. It is something that is easy to stay on top of but vital for a good impression.

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

If you let your website go unmaintained for months or years then it will degrade. The website software will go out of date, the site will slow and the website will degrade. The cost of maintenance packages are miniscule versus getting the site back to standard. It is much more cost effective to avoid big issues cropping up by fixing small ones when they pop up.

So, how much do these services cost? The monthly maintenance cost vary depending on what services you choose. A basic website plan is going to start off pretty small, largely just keeping on top of website software updates. You can then continue to build on these services by adding more services like website statistics, advertising and marketing campaigns, website hosting, security updates, etc.

Website Maintenance FAQ

What each website maintenance service includes is unique to the website. Therefore, we price every job individually. However, as a guide price our maintenance would begin at €49 per month. This would cover hosting, updates, security, uptime monitoring, etc. Please contact us for details.

Website maintenance service in Ireland prices vary a lot. The cheapest you will find out there will go as low as €25 per month with bigger websites costing up into the hundreds and thousands depending on the package and complexity of your website.

Website maintenance is the process of ensuring your website is up to date, safe, secure and performing at its best. You would have to constantly check on the site’s health and performance with the most up to date information. Doing this means that the website is kept running well and your customers will enjoy the best experience possible.

When a website is under maintenance it is undergoing updates. Some updates require downtime as the website may be having major changes to it and it is better that the customer does not interact with the non functioning view of the website.

A website care plan can cover a very wide range of things depending on the plan. At a basic level this will generally include security updates, plugin and core updates, performance updates and backups. Some plans may vary so it is best to check to be sure everything is clear.

If you choose a plan with support the changes included will generally be related to edits to content on the website, posting blogs to the website and any other minor changes related to the website.

Websites need constant maintenance. The reason for this is because they are constantly updating and have elements changing. Not performing maintenance means that you will fall behind on updates and your website performance will suffer.

We offer WordPress maintenance packages for every kind of website from little to large and everything in between. Each package will be custom tailored to suit you and your website’s needs. Our aim is to take the worry of your website out of your hands and off your mind.

All of our plans include hosting however you do not have to move to our hosting.

The standard and recommended WordPress security plugin is WordFence. It has a long and proven track record of keeping websites safe all over the world. If you are looking for an extra layer of security then there is also the premium WordFence option.

There are a wide range of great plugins out there but the most frequently recommended would be WPRocket. The reason for this is it offers excellent performance in an easy to use package. We would also recommend using your hosts caching tools if they offer any as these can provide great results also.