E-Commerce For WordPress? The Keys To Success

If you have looked into setting up an e-commerce store on WordPress, you will know there are a tonne of options out there. However, what is the right e-commerce on WordPress plugin is right for you. Each one has it’s own unique bonuses and limitations.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing the right plugin for you.

How Easy is it to Use?

When you are new to the world of web design, having a platform that allows you to do the simple stuff easily is a must. Being able to add products and make changes to your site easily is a must for some an easy user-interface is a must.

Can You Customise it?

Making your e-commerce website yours is a must for strong branding and making customers feel like they are having a unique experience. Do this with a variety of templates and customisations for the complete experience.

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Payment Gateways

In order to to take payments online you need to have a payment gateway for your site. An e-commerce solution should have one by default. Choose a plugin based on what payment gateways you expect your clients to use.

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Updates and Supports

Your plugin needs to be updated regularly to keep it being safe and compatible with your site. On top of this, if something goes wrong with your plugin you need to know that you will get a speedy response from support.


You need your e-commerce plugin to work with a variety of other tools and plugins for your store to succeed. Email marketing, page builders, security, etc. You need something that will provide you with the most versatility while letting you use the plugin easily.

What Options Are There For E-Commerce For E-Commerce?


The most popular e-commerce plugin there is in the world of WordPress, WooCoomerce will let you do pretty much everything you want to do. Thanks to the sheer number of plugins you can run everything from classifieds to auction sites using WooCommerce as your base. Enjoy a variety of payment gateways, customisation and updates.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you are selling solely downloadable content then this could be the right choice for you. Enjoy the easy to use interface and variety of plugins to adapt it to however you want it to look. Adding products and getting selling is easy to do if you sell only downloadable content.


Are you selling digital subscriptions or services? The MemberPress could be the option for you. It also has a tonne of extra plugins to let you customise it to your liking. Get extra control over who can view content using restrictions based on user types. It is limited in the fact it only allows a few payment gateways, but they are the more popular options of Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.net.


Slightly different to the others on this list as it is an external service. This means you don’t have to worry about having an SSL cert or having other customer safety nets in place. You can sell both physical and digital products using Shopify and manage your stock with no hassle. There is a monthly fee but Shopify is a very easy to use solution for your business.

Big Commerce

Comes with a lot of feature and useful additions that will save you a lot of hassle finding plugins that correctly integrate with your website and spending extra money. It integrates easily into WordPress and can be great if you are starting off or a slightly more advanced business.

That rounds of our list of the best e-commerce for WordPress plugins. If you would like an e-commerce website, get in touch with us at Meath Web Design.