Why We Design With WordPress

We use WordPress for just about all of our websites. We are not alone, WordPress powers about one-third of all websites in the world, from small time to the biggest of big time. Free to install but in no way limited, you can design just about any website you have in mind using WordPress.

Before we delve into why we use it, lets first answer what is WordPress? WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for you to create websites with. Beginning life as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into much, much more. As we said, WordPress powers over 30% of all websites, so it should be well able to power your website too.

Anyway, why do we use WordPress? Read on to find out why.

We Design With WordPress Because of Options

WordPress can work with the very best of designers and coders to the average person with zero experience. We use WordPress just for this reason. As designers, it lets us create and design exactly what we want in an efficient way with all the benefits of a custom coded website.

No matter what you want to do, we can do it with WordPress. From brochure websites to specialised trading websites functioning on an auction system, it can be built with WordPress. Using our knowledge and the themes and plugins available to us we can create freely and design exactly what you want.

WordPress Lets Us Design Freely

As we said, WordPress began as a blogging platform, but has now evolved into much more. It is the ideal choice for whatever web design you have in mind to design. It works for small companies all the way up to massive companies like Time Inc, the New York Post and many more. Be it a podcast site, e-commerce site or marketplace website, WordPress can make it.

Using a combination of plugins from WordPress, you can design whatever you want.

why we design with wordpress

Your Website Can Grow When You Do

When you start off, you may not have the money or need for a big fancy website running into the thousands. However, WordPress can grow with you and expand with you. Need to add an e-commerce element to your website? WordPress can do that with you. Want to add a booking system to your WordPress? That can work too.

Not all plugins you add will be exactly what you want. To find what works best for you will take time. Looking at reviews, number of downloads and generally just doing a little bit of background reading will help you a lot.

SEO and WordPress Love Affair

WordPress is one of the best CMS for SEO. It’s coding is ideal for SEO and is much preferred by search engines. On average, WordPress websites appear higher up on SERPs. Out of the box, it is fast, you can add plugins along with some quality hosting you can create a website as fast as anything.

Integrate With Nearly Anything

WordPress integrates with just about any service you would like. From the likes of Facebook and Instagram to CRM’s like Mailchimp and even property sites like Daft.ie, there will be something there for you.

An Ever Growing Amount of Resources

Thanks to its open-source nature, WordPress is getting more and more additions in the form of plugins and themes every day. This means new things will be coming online just about every day for you to try and experiment. If you have something in mind, WordPress probably has a plugin for you.

If you are looking to have a website designed, Meath Web Design can help you on that journey.