What Are My Online Payment Processor Options?

If you want to take payments online, you are going to need an online payment processor. There are a number of considerations you have to make when it comes to picking the right processor for you. Read on to find out what the most popular ones are, and which will work best for you.

PayPal Online Payment Processor

Still the payment processor champ, PayPal still leads the way in terms of users and is ever growing. Letting customers checkout without ever leaving the website lowers your bounce rate in a secure way. Thanks to it being one of the most popular payment processors out there, PayPal inspires confidence in users and creates trust.

As a seller, PayPal offers 24/7 support, quick access to your funds and free invoicing templates. A really good option for those starting out or well along the way in their online journey.

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An incredibly quick up and comer, and one of the best payment solutions out there. Stripe is easy to integrate and use with your website, letting you sell without having to setup a separate merchant account. Create your own payment forms to give users a branded feeling.

A great option for bother sellers and buyers, Stripe is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and for good reason.

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Access a whole range of services and bonuses with WorldPay. Like PayPal, WorldPay lets your buyers stay on your website while checking out, once again lowering bounce rates. Using their advanced safety technology, means your users information will stay safe.

Over 300,000 businesses in the UK trust WorldPay to be their payment processor, with bonuses such as no joining fee, 24/7 support and good pricing plans.

Dwolla Online Payment Processor

Seen as a rival to the likes of PayPal, Dwolla is a great option you should look into. Offering great pay-as-you-go packages for businesses of all sizes, letting you avoid being stuck with one big bill, and instead paying small fees on every transaction. If you are a bigger business, Dwolla has a few packages for you to choose from with lower rates.

Ideal for everyone, Dwolla should be looked at as an option for your online business.

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