5 PayPal Alternatives You May Not Know

If you take payments online then of course you will have a PayPal account, but what other options are there? It has been a stable payment processor since the early 2000’s. However, what PayPal alternatives are out there? Well there are plenty of alternatives for you, but here are five you may never have heard of.

Payoneer as a PayPal Alternative

One of the biggest contenders to PayPal is Payoneer due to the fact it offers several advantages. Enjoy a card for use in ATM’s that means you can withdraw money wherever you want in your preferred currency. This also offers the benefit of letting you receive payments in multiple currencies

You can sign up for free, but each transaction is charged a fee, and you will pay an annual fee for your card.

paypal alternative


One of the bigger payment options out there but still relatively unknown in Ireland. They offer cheap and competitive transaction fees and conversion fees. If you are a company making transactions in multiple currencies then this could save you hundreds and thousands in comparisons to PayPal’s higher fees.

You can also enjoy your first 500 dollars, euro or pound in transactions for free.

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Skrill as a PayPal Alternative?

Another PayPal alternative payment provider offering lower rates. Not only do you get lower rates, but you also get a debit card for you to use for online payments or withdrawals. Access your account using Skrill’s quality app to monitor payments in and out etc.

Is Square a PayPal Alternative?

Widely seen as a quality choice for small-medium retailers, Square is easy to use. Offering a user friendly interface, transparency and low-fees. It is also very secure, which is of course very important to all retailers.


A classic in the payment gateway world and for good reason. They offer high levels of security and as a subsidiary of Visa you can be assured of quality customer care. However, different to other entries on this list, the cost per transaction is the same as PayPal and you have an annual fee to pay.

There you go, five possible PayPal alternatives for you. Each has it’s own quirks but which is best for you, is up to you. If you are interested in setting up and e-commerce store or a payment gateway, get in touch with us here at Meath Web Design.