The Reasons To Set Up A Company Website

Here are some of the few reasons why you should have a company website.

1: Company Websites Give Clients A Professional Impression 

Potential customers in this day and age struggle to trust a company without a proper online presence. Most customers will start their research online well before every actually making a purchase, whether it is for something small or large. If you aren’t there, waiting for customers to visit your site then people won’t know you exist. Or worse yet, they may know who you are but not trust you. You want to avoid both of these scenarios as much as possible.

Your businesses online web presence does not need to be some sort of immaculate, glimmering beacon of novelty. It can be something simple with your address, some photos and some information about your business like contact details. The website should be easy to find for people searching for you your business or for people searching for products related to your business. It should also be up to date, out of date information will do nothing but annoy and frustrate visitors.

2: Manage Company Details And Branding

Having user reviews and comments on your website is all well and good but it’s best that you have overall control of content on your site. Owning a proper, company website gives visitors the idea that you are someone to be trusted in an industry. You’re not left depending on others to give you a reputation. To add to this your site can be used to tell people exactly what your business stands for using imagery, colours and your logo to demonstrate this.

3: Traditional Advertising Methods Are More Expensive

Surprisingly, the cost of a website is far less than implementing traditional advertising methods. A lot of businesses use newspaper ads and directories to get new clients. This advertising space is expensive and really offers very little return for the investment. The reach is limited and the targeting is very broad. Websites however can be targeted to those who are already in the market for what you want and are far cheaper than traditional advertising.

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4: Website Management is Easy To Do

A lot of people feel that websites are a bit of black magic. Previously, website designers would spend ages building a website and made it impossible for anyone other than them to make changes to it. Simple changes like opening hours or general info were impossible to access. Developers told people if they went at websites themselves they could break them. This meant any change would take months to implement.

Now however, content management systems like WordPress give power back to the business owner. Updates to themes and plugins can be done with the touch of a button. Making changes to text or images are simple too. Just go and upload whatever changes you want to. You can even do this from your phone now. 

5: Get New Customers And Keep Existing Ones

A company website does more than just tell people who you are. It allows users to engage with your business using email, messaging apps and make bookings. Customers can give you feedback on what you offer, receive shipping updates and interact with other clients by asking questions.

6: Company Websites Make Everyone Equal

A quality website is a great equaliser. You can make site that looks just as lovely as the biggest companies in the world, even though you are just a freelancer. Tailor your website to suit your customers needs and speak to them on a more personal level than a bigger company. If you can meet a clients desires, why would they go for a big corporate company?

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