Why A Responsive Website Is A Must

Mobiles meteoric rise in popularity over the last decade has changed the world. From interaction with each other to how we spend our time, everything is changed. A responsive website is now a must given the fact half of all web users are on mobile. Here are a list of all the things you need to know for a responsive website.

Responsiveness Goes Beyond Just Mobile

A responsive website should work well on mobile, yes, but it should do more than that. No website can be forced to work on only one size, you will have to make small changes to get them to work. A mobile site stuck on a desktop sized screen would not look right at all. At the very minimum your site should be made to work on mobile. tablet and desktop sized screens. This will broadly cover all of your website visitors devices and provide them with the best experience.responsive websites meath

One Site For All Devices

Not long ago, having one website for mobile and another for computers was the solution to this issue. This is a long outdated way of doing things, and has been replaced with responsive web design. One website can be tailored to work on multiple sizes. Not only does this save you time and effort in terms of updating two websites, but it’s also good for SEO. Driving all of your traffic to one site means you can reap the benefits of this traffic.

Cheaper and Quicker

Owning two websites means owning double the burdens of two sites. A responsive website can easily be implemented to avoid this. Work with one website to cover all of your bases rather than having to do it twice. Let yourself go and work on other important aspects of your business or life.

Maintaining one site versus two is way cheaper. Sure, you may have to pay more to get going at the start but from the pure time and effort you save in the long run it is far cheaper.

SEO Is Needs A Responsive Website

Having a responsive website will bolster your SEO massively. In fact, it is recommended by Google to do it. Google wants sites to be used by people, and having a responsive website is key to this.

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