Responsive Web Design Is Important-Here’s Why.

Responsive web design is a must for anyone looking to get a website designed or redesigned in these times. Not only is a must to help you boost your SERP rankings, but now over 50% web traffic comes from mobile. However, responsive web design isn’t just so your website will look good on mobiles, it is intended to make your website look good on every device. Anyway, let’s get into the bones of it.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is the process behind making websites that will respond and change design fluidly depending on what device they are on. Responsive web design has three main principles at it’s core. These are fluid grids, responsive media and media queries.

Fluid Grids

A fluid grid is just like any other grid element used in design. However, unlike most grids, a fluid grid can move and change depending on what it’s been shown on while keeping it’s nice design.

Media Queries

Media queries let designers get even more specific with their responsive web design. How it works is the website figures out what size of screen it is on and then uses that information to get the correct style sheet for that screen size.

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Responsive Media

Modern websites rely heavily on media for their look. Taking this, it is of the upmost importance to have this media move and flow seamlessly. This is where responsive media comes in. It utilises percentages instead of pixels or EM for sizing.

responsive web design

The Reason Your Business Needs Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is obviously good for your ego, but what are the real reasons you need it.

Better User Experience

This should be top of the reasons to get a responsive website. Providing your visitors with the very best experience while on your website shows your business in a strong light. Not only does it do this, but it means users will stay on the site for longer and longer periods of time

More Mobile Traffic

As we said earlier, over half of all web traffic comes from mobile these days. Having a responsive website means you will be able to capture this traffic and keep it. Visitors will have no reason to leave your site and visit another one.

Faster Loading

Responsive websites allow for a fast loading website by utilising responsive media and fluid grids. This means that you can avoid the dreaded long load time and bounce rate.

Better Conversion Rates

Having an unresponsive website means that to a lot of visitors your website will be tough to navigate. This would lead to a lot of missed conversions down to difficulty of use and also lack of trust caused by a suspicious looking site. Avoid this with a responsive website.

Improved SEO

As of 2015, Google have been using mobile responsiveness as a big factor in their rankings. Ignoring this would be a silly idea and would lead to lower and lower rankings in their SERP’s.

How You Can Make The Leap To A Responsive Website

See how you can make the next step to a responsive website.

Is Your Website Already Responsive?

This is a simple step but a vital one. To check, go to Google’s Mobile Friendly Test and just input your websites URL. Then just wait for the result. This will give you a quick answer to your question.

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Get An Idea Of What You Want

Go ahead and check out some other responsive websites to get an idea of what you can do with your website. This will help you understand what is possible with a responsive website.

Start Designing!

Now for the fun part. Start designing your website to be responsive. If you would like a responsive website, then get in contact with us today, we are web development Meath experts.