Key Website Design Tips You Have to Know

When launching your business, an effective online presence is very important. If you have never done any website design, then this can be an intimidating process. The issue is that as a small start-up you may not have the money to get a freelancer or agency to do one for you. This means you may have to consider utilising a website builder aimed at small businesses. Doing this can free up a lot of time for you to tend to other aspects of your work. However, even with the number of useful website builders, the sheer number of options can be overpowering.  Here are a few pointers to help you on your journey to a better website.

Key Website Design Pointers For You

A Powerful Domain: This is the first point of reference for your visitors, and is the actual name of your website. Factoring all of these in it is important that it is a good name. Here are some points to remember when picking one:

-Choose something catchy and easy to spell

-Short and concise

-Only use letters

-Something relevant your your business

-Is useful in your SEO endeavours

Your Website Host

A website host is where you website actually lives online. You must connect your domain to your host in order to do this. Here a few tips to consider when choosing a host.

-If possible, have a dedicated server instead of a sharing one

-Have a VPN in place

-Ensure you have access to technical support from your host

-Ensure your host has a user friendly cPanel server interface

-Make sure server security is available

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Complete Content Management

An effective CMS has an interface that lets you design and manage your website without hindrance. Here are some of the most popular CMS options out there to help you on your website design journey:

-WordPress: By far the most popular CMS of them all. It employs an extensive range of plugins and has a massive community of support. Installation is free and very easy to do. However, security may not be great, as hackers target it.

-Drupal: Another very popular CMS. This time it offers higher levels of security versus WordPress, but less plugins and themes.

-Joomla: This is a very advanced CMS, enough so to be considered very innovative. It has great options in terms of SEO and security.

-Wix: Pay a monthly subscription and get to use their drag-and-drop builder. You have a whole host of templates to choose from without a single bit of coding.

Use our guide to get the best CMS for your needs. If you are looking for web design Meath or surrounding areas then contact us.