Is WordPress The Choice For You?

You want a website, but what do you build it on? Do you get someone to code it fully? Or, do you go and build it yourself using one of the simple drag and drop builders like Wix or SquareSpace? Well, We’re here to tell you why we use WordPress and think it is the best choice for all of your web desires. We will try and answer all the questions you may have about WordPress in this piece.

To dispel a very common though off the bat, you can build any website you want on WordPress. This was true once, but not anymore. This variety is one of the reasons people use WordPress. In fact, roughly a third of all websites are now built on WordPress. This includes standard brochure websites all the way up to the likes of Facebook.

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WordPress Costs Nothing

WordPress is completely free to download and install on your domain. You can indeed a pretty decent website for absolutely free beyond owning the domain and having a host. The domain is the title of your website, and the host is the place in which you put your website online.

To get WordPress, just download it and upload it to your website.

WordPress Let’s You Design Freely

People avoid WordPress as they think it is tough to design with, but this is simply untrue. You haven’t got to have coding skills to use it. WordPress offers you tonnes of free templates that you can slot your own content into if you want. No matter what kind of website general look or purpose you will find lots and lots of themes to use. There is a theme for every site you could make.

When it comes to simple to use, easy to customise WordPress pages you have two options. You can use the standard options that come in the tonnes of themes on offer, or use a page builder like Elementor or Beaver Builder. These free page builders offer you the ability to layout content how you want or build on top of a template.

If you want to add an extra layer of functionality to your site then you can make use of the thousands of plugin’s available to you. There is a plugin for practically everything.

WordPress Is Loved For It’s SEO Abilities

If you want a strong base to start your SEO journey to, then this CMS is the best option for you. The code used for the CMS is what search engines really want, and this is one of the reasons WordPress sites perform well in the SERP’s.

To really drive home this advantage you can write SEO optimised content and quality plugins to speed up your site.

Easy to Use CMS

It is an easy to use CMS. If any of your plugins, themes, etc need an update then you will get a notification on your dashboard. The dashboard will tell you everything you need to know to keep on top of your websites condition. Backup your website to really keep your site on the safer side of things. This can be done automatically using a plugin.

Using WordPress Means Your Website Is Safe

Using this CMS means you have a safe and secure base to build your website on. On top of this base layer of security, you can implement one of the variety of security plugins to keep your website safe. Configure plugins like WordFence or Sucuri to keep your site safe and your business online.


In our opinion, WordPress is the best CMS to build websites on. It is our CMS of choice.

If you would like a WordPress website designed for your business then get in touch with us, you web design Meath experts.