7 Things Businesses Must Know For A New Website

Our guide of the fundamentals you must know for your new website. See our top 7 benefits of getting your first website or redesigning what you already have.

1. You’re always available 

Do you want your business to be accessible all the time? To have no geographical boundaries? Then a website is the best choice for you. New customers will be able to reach you wherever and whenever using your website. Double this up with using an e-commerce site and you can makes sales all the time. Customers can purchase from you without even having to leave their home. Unlike a physical store, your constant availability means you won’t be leaving money on the table.

2. Get Information Out Quickly

Every website offers the ability to get information out there, even simple ones. From essential info like address or opening hours to more complex stuff like product info or the ability to contact your business using forms. Websites allow customers so share their experiences-both good and bad. Business owners can create captivating and dynamic content by uploading images and videos alongside text to advertise products/services.  Doing this will help you engage customers and improve your sales and bottom line.

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3. Appear Genuine

If you are a real company, people expect to be able to find you online.  Potential customers will not be able to trust you if they can’t find you online. If they can not find you then how can they know you are a genuine business? Having an easy to reach website however means you can negate this. Your website needs to have a good lay out and be good for customers so they can easily get around it and interact with it.

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4. Dramatically Cheaper

Maintaining a website versus maintaining an actual premises is a dramatically different beast. The cost of a website is just domain, hosting and design. The costs of a shop are much, much more than this. With your overheads eliminated and less time spent dealing with all of the usual things that go with a shop then you can really make this work in your favour. You can also spend more time focusing on the business and providing an overall better service to your customers. This, along with your ability to advertise and share information are the big benefits of an online only shop.

5. Expand Your Business

Using a website opens up your business to many new opportunities. You can reach people on the other side of the world and sell to them. You have almost unlimited potential growth with a website. Moving online means you are not restricted to borders and can reach as far as couriers deliver to.

6. Knowledge of Your Customers

Tools like Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel allow you to better understand and remarket to new customers. You can use these tools to better understand how customers move through your website and what pages are getting the most attention. Taking this information you can see what is working and what is damaging your business in order to get the most from your business.

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7. Running Ads

Having a website and business online means you can improve your reach using Facebook Ads or Google AdWords. These are targeted methods of advertising, and can offer far better returns than traditional advertising like radio or newspapers. SEO is of course another avenue to look at to capture organic traffic.

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