How To Build Trust Using Social Media

How do you manage to not only develop a following online, but grain trust? Trust goes beyond a like here or there, it develops your company into something people tell others about and recommend. Nowadays, trust between companies and consumers is constantly being eroded, so how do you, a presumably not gigantic corporate entity make yourself stand out? See how you can build trust using social media.

Why Do You Stand Out On Social Media?

What is the thing that makes people want to interact with your brand? You must have some sort of a thing that brings people in. Understanding this isn’t easy. Posting to social media may not come naturally to you and so you may have to think a lot about what to write and lost sight of what makes it you. Compare your social media to that of those within your niche, or ask others to see what makes you stand out. Once you figure it out you can begin to refine and refine.

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Be Human

Avoid becoming too stuffy with how you write. You write your content for other people to read, not for robots to digest. To figure out what you want to say, think of how you want others to see your brand and then write for that image. Social media is a more casual place than a boardroom, speak appropriately.

Engage Using Social Media

Talk to people online. Put the social back into social media. If you are just posting your own stuff and stopping there then you are a bit like someone with a big bullhorn barking out orders. Chat to people, comment, like, message, do whatever. This engagement won’t go unnoticed and will come back to you.

Behind The Scenes

Let folks see the workings of the machine. What is the day to day of the company like? It doesn’t have to be anything insanely interesting, just to give people an idea of what goes on behind the scenes. Show people the side they never get to see.

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Why Should People Get Behind You?

Give people a cause to support with your actions. Commit to cutting back on waste, or take an action to support a charity. Genuinely and whole heatedly commit to a cause you care for. Demonstrate that you are committed to a better future for you, your business and everyone else. Get people in behind you to make something bigger than you. This develops a sense of community and helps the world as a whole.

Cut Back On The Selling

Bombarding people with nothing other than “buy this, buy that” posts will sicken people. This doesn’t mean you should never sell online, but you have to be more subtle about it. Get people to buy from you by making your product enticing, not by making them do it. You wouldn’t constantly tell everyone you met about the product you sell if you met them in real life, so don’t do it in real life.

Our guide can help you trust on social media. Getting an effective following on social media isn’t easy but following these steps is the first step in the right direction.

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