Scale Your Facebook Ads For Huge Results

Do you want to take your Facebook ads to better places with even bigger returns? What exactly does it mean to scale your ads. Follow our guide to see how you can grow and improve your ad revenue using ad scaling.

Scaling has two directions, horizontal and vertical. First off, we will talk about how you can grow your ads horizontally.

Scaling Your Facebook Ads Horizontally

This method of scaling involve adding new audiences, ad sets and a new variety of ads and growing your budget. This diversification can be done in multiple ways.

grow your audience ireland

Grow Geographically

One way to grow your ads is to just simply show it to more people in a new area. In the beginning you probably started your ads in an area around your business. Once you have found a successful campaign though, you should start to test it in new areas. These new areas contain new potential clients.

This has its limitations though. If you can’t reach an area you can’t sell in them. However, if you see a market you can reach that have similar credentials as the one you currently occupy then go for it.

If a product is selling well in the Irish market why not eye up the UK market. Ireland and the UK have similar traits and interests. Tweak your successful ads to suit the UK market and let them go. Test these ads in the new market and see how they go.

Lookalike Audiences with Facebook Ads

What is a lookalike (LAL)? Simply they are an audience created with information taken from your Facebook Pixel. Therefore, T

this audience shares similar traits to those that have interacted with whatever trigger event you have chosen. For example, they could be a copy off all the people who added to their cart on your website.

The audience similarity is rated on a ten point scale. 1% being the most similar and 10% the least. It is best to begin scaling with an audience between 1-3%. If this is a success try a higher number until you exhaust the lookalike.

Segment Your Audiences

Segment your audience by where they are positioned in the marketing funnel. It is a waste of time to be trying to sell to someone who has never heard of your company before.

Running an ad for engagement on Facebook and then targeting whoever engaged with the ad is a simple way of doing it. You can read more on the marketing funnel here.

You can break your audiences up in a few different ways. Focus on people based on how long they were watching your video, or visited your site etc. Each of these groups are at a different stage in the funnel and need a different ad to get that sale.

Scaling Your Ads Vertically

This is the most obvious way to grow your ads. Give them more fuel with more money. Therefore, if you are going from spending a few quid a day this can be a good way to grow. Incremental increases are the best way to do so as to not shock the algorithm.

Grow Your Facebook Ads Budget

If you start scaling vertically you have to know if this an effective way to grow. One way to to this is watching your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). A simple example of this is for every euro you spend, you get 5 back. Giving you an ROAS of 5.

More money doesn’t mean more revenue. However, that’s not how scaling works. You have to decide where is the best middle ground for you and does this method work.


Scaling, with whatever method you chose is an effective method to grow. If you’re serious about your online advertising they are a must. If you would like to grow your social media marketing Meath, get in contact with Meath Web Design today.