A Guide To Writing SEO Content

What does writing SEO content actually mean? Some think it’s just stuffing your website with keywords, but this isn’t true. However, what do you actually do? Read on to find what we think you should do with your website content.

When thinking of what to write for your website, you can create in two different ways. You can think of a topic and find keywords to use that fit into the topic, or create content specifically for prechosen keywords.

However, the main thing to consider with this second method is that people will come for the keywords, but they won’t stay. If your content is lacking then your bounce rate will be massive.

A Guide To Writing SEO Content

Why Keyword Stuffing Is Bad For Writing SEO Content

Keyword stuffing is just cramming in your keywords wherever and whenever possible. Using keywords in your URL, headings and throughout your content is all necessary of course but it can be very easily over done. Not only is it hard for readers, but it can damage your rankings on search engines.

There is no clear guidance on the matter from search engine providers so there it is not an exact science. The best advice we can give is use your keyword often enough that it comes across as natural and not forced.

When writing a piece of over 500 words, we would say you should include your keyword up to about 3 times. You can also include related variations in this keyword throughout your piece too to rank through the page.

Where you place your keyword effects the ranking too when writing SEO content. The ideal layout for this would be to have the keyword once in the URL, once in your intro and once in your meta description. Using headers and subheadings also helps too.

Consistent Posting of Your SEO Content

If you have lots of keywords or topics you want to cover then post them consistently and often. Feeding new, optimised content consistently to your website helps your maintain your search engine rankings.

Study Your Competitions Content

Study what keywords are working best for them, what content layout they are using? What are they doing to get ahead of you? Sure, content isn’t the be all and end all, and without backlinks you have a very small chance of actually climbing up the rankings.

At the end of the day, content is just one of the aspects that will help you climb the rankings. Backlinks, site speed, and optimising the background information of your site all help. If you would like help with your SEO Meath efforts, then get in contact with us at Meath Web Design.