How Long Does SEO Take?

How long does SEO take to actually work? This is a question that get asks all the time, and it doesn’t really have an answer. The exact answer isn’t always clear, and this is a question that needs a little bit more digging into.

In this instance honesty is the best policy, give your client an honest and realistic appraisal of what you think. Don’t lie to them and tell them it’ll take a few weeks when in reality you know it will take a few months. Getting a website out of sandbox and actually having Google pick up on it may take months, the same goes for SEO content changes too. People who promise you quick results in SEO are codding you, quick ranking isn’t an option.

how long does seo take

The only time quick ranking is possible is in very low competition keywords. Usually there is a reason that these keywords have low competition and that is because no one wants to rank for them due to minimal traffic. Other than for vanity reasons, ranking for these keywords don’t offer you any benefit.

Keywords that are useful to rank for, won’t be easy to get to the top of. Not only will you have more people in that keyword niche, but you will have to compete with others who have probably engaged in SEO Meath themselves.

Okay, How Long Does SEO Really Take?

The answer to the question “how long does SEO take?” is between is a complicated one but we will try and give a simple answer. The first sign of results should show in about 3-4 months, with effective results showing in 6-9 months for competitive niches.

If you are in a low competition niche then 3-4 months is an appropriate time for you to expect effective results. By this time the person you have employed to SEO your site will have had time to make changes to your site and to have Google pick up on them. It is vital to be clear with the SEO timeframe, an unhappy client isn’t what you want.

To get clients onside and show that you are the real deal, explain to them why you can’t have them ranking number one in a month. Give them examples of other work you have done and the process involved in that. To give the best results, businesses have to invest into the process and be aware it will take time.

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