What is the Best Blogging Platform for you?

Are you thinking of starting a blog up in 2021? No single platform will suit everyone, and each one will have benefits and drawbacks. Some are paid, some are a little more complicated to use and others will be better for SEO. Read on to see what blogging platform works best for you and your needs.

WordPress.com Blogging Platform

Arguably the best all rounder on this list with one major drawback – you can’t use a custom domain. However, it is a great place to scratch that blogging itch for free. Get your ideas and thoughts out there for free and do as you please with your blog content. There is always the option to take the step to a paid plan from our next entrant on the list.


Like the above, this will let you host a blog and get your thoughts out to the world. You can even build a full blown website on WordPress.org and do as you please. Unlike the above, you pay for hosting here. Go with the likes of Siteground or GoDaddy for this to get safe and reliable hosting.

It is a little bit more complicated than other CMS’s on this list, it does however open up a whole world of options to you. A range of themes and plugins let you build just about any site you want for free or for at least very little.

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Wix as a Blogging Platform

Unlike some on this list, Wix is not free. However, it is very easy to use thanks to its drag and drop builder letting you create a site that suits your look. Make use of the free templates to build your website on and customise it as you see fit.

If you are happy having a website without a custom domain then you can use Wix for free. You will have to pay €4.50 per month for a custom domain if this is something you need.


Google’s attempt at a blogging platform is a little bit lacking. Easy to use, especially for beginners, but it has some serious drawbacks. You are not able to break content up into menus and categories, instead relying on tags. If you want to display blogs on your front page in a group then you have to use tags.

This has a number of drawbacks, especially for SEO. However, your content can still rank well on Google, even without a custom domain. The only cost is buying your domain, which is at a maximum €20 a year. If you are going to do this though, you’d be better off just going straight to WordPress for its superior CMS.


Do you just want to write and not have to worry about anything else? Then medium is for you. You will not be able to make money with Medium, but you can use it to showcase your writing scales and opinions.

If you are interested in starting a blog, then get in contact with us at Meath Web Design and we will guide you on the rig