5 Link Building Tactics For Your Business

Link building is an important aspect of improving your SERP ranking and driving traffic to your website. Many people, including Google itself will tell you that the amount of links and the quality of them does not effect your rankings. However, we see this as being completely untrue.

Read on to see what we consider to be some of the best link building strategies for businesses to improve your SEO Meath.

Guest Blogging for Link Building

Guest blogging, although frowned upon by Google is an effective way of growing your backlink profile. You may have to pay for blog posts which isn’t ideal, but if you write for quality websites in a niche that is relevant to yours then it can really help you power your climb up the SERPs.

5 link building strategies for your business

Get Yourself Into Directories

Links coming from directories can still be a useful way of link building. You have to be careful about how you do it though. Ensure you keep your links relevant to your niche by only entering into directories for your business type. Or, if you are a location based business, then only put your name into local directories to improve your local SEO rankings.

Link Building With Forums and Blog Posts

Although this may seem slow and a bit spammy it is still a good place for you to gain traction online. Not only can this help gain links, but you can develop relationships with people and depending on your content get a good reputation for yourself.

These links however are not always dofollow links but this can be good. Search engines see websites with a mix of dofollow and nofollow links as genuine and thus more trusted as long as they are relevant.

Find Dead Links on Relevant Websites

Using a tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush you can find links to dead websites in your line of business. Look at the backlink profiles of your competitors and look at these domains. When checking these domains, look for broken links and get in contact with the webmaster of the website. Tell them about the broken link and suggest your own site to replace the link.

If you are looking to improve your websites SERP rankings then get in touch with us here at Meath Web Design.