Blog Post Ideas and Where to Find Them

Consistently coming up with fresh blog post ideas can be a tough job. Find out our five favourite ways to keep things fresh and create the best content we can for our blog. Fresh content is a must if you want to rank well and achieve your goals of getting to number one in the search rankings. Read on to see our sources for great blogs.

Google Trends For Blog Post Ideas

Google Trends is a great place to get an idea of what topics are hot and what kind of questions people are asking. Free to use, and not even requiring an account find topics that people are searching for in your area.

Begin by entering a keyword for the topic you want to cover and then selecting the geographic area. Go through the results and find one that will work best for you.

Answer the Public

Want to see what sort of questions people are asking on Google? Well then answer the public is the choice for you. Free to use, it offers similar facilities to paid for services.

Being free to use, it does have a limitation to it’s powers. You can’t get search volumes, which is annoying but an option if you pay. You can also use other tools to search for these search volumes.

blog post ideas


Reddit advertises itself as the front page of the internet. It is the place where you can find a post about everything.

Go on to a subreddit that suits your niche and see what people are saying, what questions they are asking. This will give you an idea of where people are struggling in your niche and what they want to know.

You can post to subreddits however most are moderated and deleted or are no-follow links. However, this means you can jump on the ideas and write for your audience.

Quora For Blog Post Ideas

Quora is an easy to use question and answers based website. Ask a question and get an answer, simple. Similarly to Reddit, there are tonnes of people asking questions. Just search in your niche and you will find what you are looking for.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

The only paid tool on our list. It works by letting you enter a search term, then pulling out tonnes of relevant content from lets of websites. Experiment with your search terms, use long tail keywords, synonyms, etc to get as many ideas as possible.

Not only is it a good tool for ideas but it’s great for seeing what content is performing well by seeing what has performed well in the last 24 hours.

These are our best sources for blog ideas. Writing and creating content isn’t easy, but this will make it easier. If you want help with your website, Meath Web Design are the choice for you.