Keywords-What You Need To Know?

Keywords are a must if you want your website to succeed. However, having the correct type and literal keyword is a must if you want to rank properly. Your bookshop ranking for keywords around car parts won’t work. In this post we will talk about what kind of keywords you have to know about and what they mean for your business.

Long-tail and short-tail keywords

A long-tail keyword is a keyword with 3 or more words in it. They are very accurate and targeted keywords and they let you focus in on the exact market you want to reach. This accuracy and niche interest helps make it easier for you to rank for these terms as they are less competitive.

On the other hand you have short-tail keywords which are usually seen as less than 3 words. These are very general terms with lots and lots of competition due to their broad nature. The lack of specificity means that you could get lost in the swamp of other competitors and never be found.


These keywords relate directly to services or products based in a certain area. Due to the specificity of the search term the search volume is quite low, however so is the competition. Ranking 1st for these terms can be better than ranking 11th for a bigger term. These terms usually look like “x in y area”

These keywords usually have good conversion rates and can help drive your business in a certain area.

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Fresh or Evergreen Keywords

Fresh keywords that have come popular very recently and very quickly. Usually though they burn out quite quickly, search volumes will fly up and then rapidly decline. This means that the terms you rank for will rapidly get to the very top and then traffic will fade away.

Conversely, evergreen terms are searches that are always popular. People will always search for these without ever really having a popular moment or season. They may not have the massive volumes of fresh keywords but they will always have a decent level of searches.

Intent Targeting

These are some of the best keywords you can target. They are searches with an action attached on to them like “buy reusable water bottle” or “best reusable water bottle.” These go past learning about the topic and show that you have an intent to make a purchase or action.


These terms have massive search volumes and are usually the most competitive to rank for due to their broadness. On top of this can be kind of useless for your business due to how broad they are.

Your website will probably already rank somewhere for these searches as you will have used it in your site somewhere. The popularity of this search term though will probably mean that the effort to rank at the top will be too great for the return and you’d be better off ranking for more niche searches.

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