Social Media And Emojis With Your Brand

What are emojis? Well they are those little images you see in text everywhere, roughly translated from Japanese it means pictograph. Where exactly they came from is unsure but they seamlessly became a part of how we communicate with each other. Developed by NTT DoCoMo in late 1990’s Japan, their stardom didn’t come until the late 2000’s. According to Facebook, we send about 5 billion emojis a day, but some of us see them as below us in our social media marketing plan.

Engagement on Social Media

What effect do emojis have when used on social media?

  • 25% more engagement on Twitter
  • 57% more likes, 33% more comments and 33% more shares on Facebook
  • Brands saw an increase in their emails being opened if they contained an emoji in the subject line, up nearly 50%
emojis and social media

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What’s The Reason For This?

  • We like to see faces, and when we see an emoji our brain reacts in the same way as if we see a face. This allows us to build a connection.
  • Emojis reportedly make us feel happier.
  • Images are easier to read than text, our brain can process it as quickly as 13 milliseconds.
  • Emojis are a language we all speak, they nearly all mean the same no matter where you are.

Some people still look down on using emojis for their social media. They see them as silly or devaluing. However really emojis let us communicate better and connect with each other. If emojis suit your brand then use them, they can give you an advantage in the market and let you develop a better connection with your audience. Exploit the fact we can read them quicker than words to suit how we scan social media these days to get your message across, fast.

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