The Marketing Funnel And Social Media

A  marketing funnel is the meat and veg of every ad man or woman there has ever been. It is process a client goes through from becoming acquainted with your brand to becoming a life long customer. In this post, we will document this journey for the modern marketer.

Using Funnels With Social Media

Social media has become a critical tool for marketing these days. Long gone are the time when it was just seen as a way to create brand awareness. Reaching new customers and managing them into new sales is now one of social medias biggest uses.  The essence of this funnel is the same but there have been slight changes to bring it inline with today’s landscape.

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marketing funnel

The Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel can be broken down into four steps: brand awareness (cold), engagement (warm), consideration (warmer) and purchase/action (hot).  There has been an extra middle stage added and a change to the final step as your objective may not be to finish with a sale.

  • Brand Awareness

This is the step of getting your name out there. Any social media platform can be used for this. As far as paid ads are considered, this is the cheapest form of advertising generally. Your only objective at this stage should be to reach out to new customers.

  • Engagement

You can now begin to narrow down your audience at this stage. Going from complete strangers to those who have displayed some interest in your brand. This interest may come in the form of watching a video, engaging with a post or looking at more of a post. You may even get some traffic to your website at this stage.

  • Consideration
  • Now you’re getting close to the finish up. They’ve come a long way on the journey to finishing up your funnel, now you have to tip them into the last stage. Use social proof like reviews or client testimonials to capture this last step. Or, offer a one time discount or sign up discount to new customers. Your stage of consideration will always be different depending on your company or industry.
  • Action/Purchase

You have done it, you have moved into the last step of the funnel. What this is for you will always be different. For some it could be a purchase, for others it could be collecting contact details. If everything doesn’t go to plan then you have to get your customer back into the funnel again and capture that final step.

Every Marketing Funnel Is Different

Some funnels can reach completion in minutes, others can take weeks. Some customers will jump straight to the end, the others will never buy from you. It’s completely unique. An inexpensive item will be different to a dear one.You have to constantly experiment, change and redo to see what works best.

After the Funnel

Marketing doesn’t stop at a sale. A one off sale is good, but a life long customer is better. Give them a reason to buy from you again with a new product or offer. Reselling to a satisfied customer is easier than selling to a new one.

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