How To Create Awesome Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are an improving resource, with the addition of new features and abilities constantly. Not sure if they’re for you? Well just know that in 2019, Facebook earned $20 billion dollars from ad revenue. It must be for someone then.

Why has it grown so much? Simply put people are making money from advertising on it. Every indication shows how vital Instagram is becoming for businesses of all sizes. The time to make a move with Instagram advertising is now.

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In this post we’ll explain to you everything you need to know to get a big step ahead of the competition on Instagram.

What are Instagram ads?

The simple answer is they are ads on Instagram. A regular user of the app probably knows what they look like. Some appear like normal posts you’d get on your feed or stories but with some small variations.

Ads usually appear with some sort of call to action to entice you to engage with them. This is usually along the lines of “learn more” or “shop now” with the addition of a “sponsored” tag at the top.

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Cost of Instagram Ads

Instagram ads can cost as little or as much as you want. There is a minimum spend necessary and this varies based on demand and some other variables. You can control this ad spend using spend limits and bidding strategies.

Types of Ads


Instagram story ads fit seamlessly between user stories and let you use photos or videos. Appearing in 9:16 on, they occupy the whole screen on mobile. You can avail of features like swipe up for links, stickers, filters, etc to make your stories yours.


These ads are the normal ads you get in your feed as you scroll. They have many variations allowing you to use images, videos, carousels or custom collections. Anyone used to the Instagram ecosystem will be familiar with how these appear. Similar to the stories ads they appear with call to actions and sponsored tags.

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Give your ads a bit of variety by putting up to 10 different videos or images with unique headlines and different destinations. They can be stand alone pieces or come together into a long and enticing story to bring viewers in.


Use collection ads to give users and “instant experience”. These are ads that have an image or video header with products underneath linking to your store.


Explore is where users can go and find new content in the Instagram ecosystem that is tailored to them. Your ads don’t appear here, they do appear in posts that users click into however.

How to Actually Create an Ad

Instagram ads can be created through Instagram boost ads or Ads Manager. To advertised you must have your page connected to a Facebook Business page and have your Instagram page set to a business page.

To get an ad live, all you have to do is click promote and select the option that best suits your objective. Follow the steps and you’re off.

Ads manager requires an account and a Facebook business page. Once you have that ready to go then you can start advertising.

Ads manager gives you a whole host of options to choose from. Click create and you are presented with them. Pick what objective suits you best and go from there.

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