Facebook Ads Manager vs Boosted Posts-Which to Choose?

What is the difference between Facebook Ads Manager and a boosted post? Well we hope to explain all the ins and outs to you in this piece and give you a conclusive answer and tell you where best to put your money.

What actually are paid ads?

The clue is in the name, these are ads you pay for on social media. They can reach to certain audiences you want to target, this is what makes them different to normal posts. You can choose to specially craft these by boosting a regular post or creating a special ad. What’s best for you? Well let’s take a look.

Facebook ads manager

Boosted Facebook Posts

A boosted post is just a normal post that you have given a budget to, to reach a specific audience. To boost a post all you have to do is go to one of your posts and click boost. It is the easiest way to get a paid ad online and in front of some fresh eyes.

Boosted posts are just regular Facebook posts that you pay to increase their reach, get more page likes, shares etc. To do this all you have to do is go to a post from your business, click boost. This is the simplest way to get a paid advertisement on Facebook or Instagram.  When you do this the post will appear in people’s Facebook or Instagram feeds. 

You have can customise four things with boosted posts:

  1. The content of the ad.
  2. The audience you want to target.
  3. How much you want to spend.
  4. How long you want to run your ad for.

Choose what you want all of these to be, hit boost and off you go.

Facebook Ads Manager

The alternative to boosted posts would be to use Ads Manager. This gives you more control and customisation in all area of ad creation. Control who sees your ad, when they see it and what you want them to do.

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What Are My Options In Ads Manager?


Placements let you choose where your ad is shown to the world. Choose to post it everywhere, or just in one area. With ads manager you can control exactly where your ads are going and shown.


Facebook Ads Manager lets you choose from 11 objectives in total. These are reach, traffic, engagement, brand awareness, app installs, video views, leads, messages, conversions, catalogue sales, and store traffic. Boosted posts let you choose from three.

Creative Variety

Boosted posts are just normal posts but with money behind them. Ads manager lets you create with carousel ads, collection ads etc. These lets you show more to your viewer and quicker.

You also have the option to customise with a variety of content, giving your more chances to get it just right.


Ads manager takes the demographics targeting from boosted posts and turbocharge it. Create lookalike audiences of your best users, retarget visitors, and more. This can all be accomplished thanks to the Pixel.

Which Should I Use?

Both have their uses. If you don’t want to put in the effort but still want results, a good boosted post will work. Willing to up your game? Then ads manager is for you.

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