6 Key Tips To Grow Organically On Instagram Rapidly

It’s not easy to grow organically on any social media marketing. Reaching out to new audiences is not easy. Convincing folks to tap that little blue button is harder than you’d think. You could use an automated third-party app to help. However, if Instagram gets any hint of you using one of these you will be punished. You may not even get useful growth. 10,000 followers who don’t buy from you are pretty useless to your bottom line.

See our 7 tips to help you grow organically on Instagram.

Grow Organically by Engaging With Companies Similar to Yours

Engagement with no return financially is of no use to your company. Vanity likes won’t help you grow your finances. However, engaging with companies in the same industry as you should help your Instagram.

Display genuine interest in their company and be polite. Ask questions, give opinions. You don’t have to do anything mad, just be courteous.

grow organically on instagram

Organise Your Instagram Posting

Consistency is key to growing on your Instagram. Key to consistency is planning. Use tools like Creator Studio or Buffer to plan and schedule your posts.

Look to successful accounts in your niche to see what works, even looking as far as to see what they post on certain days of the week. Your planning should go down to the very last hashtag. This organised and conscious posting could be the difference between a dud and a post with lots of engagement.

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Know The Power of Stories Grow Your Instagram Organically

Stories are where you can let viewers get to know you. Let viewers get in behind the scenes with you. It is a place to be more casual about your brand and message.

Pose questions, use polls etc. Use stories as a place to let followers learn more about you and use stories to learn more about your followers. Questions and polls can be a useful way to get an idea of what followers want.

Get an Insight with Insights

Insights offer business owners a way to understand who is engaging with their content. It also lets you know what content gets the best most engagement. The wrong message to the wrong audience is a awful and useless mix.

Organic Instagram Growth With Hashtags

Grow your social following with effective hashtags. You don’t need tonnes of them, you just need to be effective with them. Find seven or so hashtags that really work. Research your competitors to see what’s being used.

Cross Promote to Grow Your Instagram Organically

If you have a strong following on one social media, promote your Instagram on that and get people to follow you. Add social links to your emails to grow organically.


Follow our big 6 tips to help you grow organically on Instagram rapidly. If you want to grow your Instagram account, get in contact with Meath Web Design today.