Internal Linking – The Mistakes to Avoid

You have read our previous posts covering the basics of internal linking and the linking guide for what you need to know. In this post we are going to explain to you the common mistakes you need yo avoid to get the best out of your website. Read on to find out what can go wrong and how you can avoid these issues.

Broken Internal Linking

Do you have a page or post that no one ever visits? You have looked at the pages SEO and see that it doesn’t rank for anything. Just before you go ahead and delete it, look at its internal and external links. Does it have any at all? If it doesn’t this could very easily explain why it doesn’t get any traffic.

To improve it, add some links from some of your more powerful pages and leave it sit for a little while. If it doesn’t budge or get any traffic at all then feel free to remove it. However, make sure to get rid of any other internal links you have going to the page. This will help you avoid broken links and a 404 on your site.

internal linking

Internal Linking Too Much

Too much of a good thing can cause issues too. Littering your website with internal links can ruin your SEO. However, this is probably an issue not many, if nearly SEOs will face. This issue usually only shows up when you have in excess of 2-3 thousand internal links.

Pages With No Internal Links

These pages exist on your website but can not be reached by any bot or human without an exact URL. These pages are called “orphan pages” and only happen when you have a site without any links directing to it.

You can easily avoid this however. Having a recent posts section on your homepage means that all of your posts will be easily reachable for bots and crawlers. Remember though that if this is the only link to the page, the more you post the further down the crawl certain pages will be.

NoFollow Links

Rel=NoFollow is best used when linking to a resource like an image or information that you do not want to rank or add any link power to. However, if you use it in your internal linking structure it will cause you to lose out on easily attainable ranking improvements. NoFollows do not pass on any link power and so are not advisable for SEO.

Be aware of this if you are using a plugin for your linking. You will probably never type in a NoFollow link yourself but some poor plugins will use it as a default.

These are generally the biggest issues you will encounter with your internal linking. Once you aware of these you should be able to create a site that is perfect for your SEO purposes from a linking point of view. If you are interested in an SEO audit or improvement to your site then just get in contact with us today. See just what our SEO Meath can do for you here.