How To Use Website Metrics To Measure Success

Do you want to get a real understanding of how your website is actually performing? Well then website metrics are the way to go to aid in your understanding.

There are a few different tools and indeed key performance indicators here, but the most popular is Google Analytics. However, this is not a review of those tools, this is for you to know what will work best for your analysing. See what we think are the most important metrics for you to judge your site on.

Visitor Numbers

A website with no users us of little use to nearly everyone, as no one will be bothering with your site. It will also skew the other metrics by which you measure website performance by.

You have a number of choices when it comes to improving website visitors. You can of course run some paid ads on social media or Adwords, or you can endeavour to do some SEO Meath to get yourself to the top of the SERP’s.

Your visitors may not even all be new, they could be largely returning visitors coming back to see your latest products or blog post updates.

Bounce Rate Website Metrics

What does bounce rate mean? Well what it means is when someone comes to your website and leaves without going to another page or leaves without a few seconds. This basically means the visitor didn’t really bother with your website. Well then your bounce rate is how many people came and didn’t go to another page on your site.

Beyond just not engaging a visitor, bounce rates damage your SEO rankings as Google views it as not worthwhile.

To improve your bounce rate you can do a few things. First off, you can improve your website content to help engage the user more. Secondly you can speed up your website so it will load quicker. Finally, you can make your content more targeted to the audience that is visiting.

website metrics

Session Duration Web Metrics

Session duration is easy to get an understanding of. It is the amount of time that users have spent on your website. It is a very useful metric to use and gives you a good idea of how useful your website is however, it is not a metric to live and die by. Session duration can be inaccurate as the page can be left open but not used and still rack up the time on Analytics.

If you have a website where people will be clicking through pages then yes, take heed of session duration. If your website publishes lengthy blog posts well then, it may be of less use.

Average Page Views Per Session

A very useful website metric all round. Get an accurate indication of how engaging your website is by seeing how many pages users navigated through. No matter what website you have, seeing how many pages users have visited is of use.

To improve it, you have to add more engaging content to keep users interacting with your website. Like many things in web design, nothing is guaranteed, but having lots of visitors to lots of your pages is a good move.

Average Time On Page Website Metrics

Want to see what pages are performing the best on your website? Well then average time on page is a good place to start. Get an idea of what pages are getting the most interest on your website, and see what pages are underperforming.

This metric is very useful for a website that relies on users to read content or watch videos.

There are tonnes of metrics you can use to get an idea of how your website is performing, these are just the ones we consider the most important. If you want to see how to improve your website and drive those metric number then Meath Web Design is the choice for you.