What Makes School Sites Great?

A school website is not an easy task. It needs to hit on a couple of key points to really accel and standout above the rest. Below we will list some of the most important aims we have when creating a school website.

A Standout and Accessible Design

Any website is only as good as its design. A school site which is hard to navigate and poorly laid out is of no use to anybody. A great design is the first thing we want to get right because it allows the content to then stand out and have its own voice. On top of this, it will create a first impression that will last for all the right reasons. As the old saying goes – you only make a first impression once.

Making the site accessible to everyone is another key design aim. What good is it if the majority are unable to utilise it? We design our sites to be accessible to everyone no matter what disability or issues they may have. This makes it perfect for all website visitors and very user friendly.

Designed for Mobile

Mobile traffic is increasing year on year with over half of all web traffic coming from mobile in 2021. This trend for mobile devices is only going one way and so future proofing your design is vital. This is why have a mobile first design ethos. A school website has to be as easy as possible for people to use, especially in todays fast paced lifestyle where every minute counts. All of the website will be visually appealing from the homepage to the interior pages.

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An Actually Useful Asset for the School Community

Many websites get launched and then languish for years, never being updated with new content or design elements. Our websites are different. We make it easy for you to add update and content to your website by giving full access and allowing it to actually be of use to the school and overall improving the experience for everyone. Adding resources for teaching for example. If you don’t want to add updates yourself, we can do this for you with a simple monthly plan.

Rapid Loading Times

With our excellent hosting and perfectly optimised website we can give you a school site that is unrivalled for speed. This has a staggering effect on multiple aspects of your school website. A sluggish school site is going to have visitors frustrated and annoyed prompting them to move on and go elsewhere. Quick loading times change accessing the site from a job to a breeze.

Easy to Navigate

Keeping a site simple to use and get around is very important. Keeping it easy for parents, teachers and children to get where they are going is something that when done right people don’t even notice. Whether they are looking for recent news, updates on their coursework or whatever it may be. An easy way to figure out if your navigation is good is to try and use it yourself. Suppose you have a question, try and think of how many pages do you have to visit to to get to the answer. This will let you know quickly.

Quality Content

It is all well and good having a great school website but of the content is lacking then it doesn’t serve a purpose. We can help guide you on what content you actually need to have. The site should be useful to a wide array of users, ranging from parents and pupils to teachers and on to prospective families. You have to consider both the written pieces and your visual elements too such as school crest logo, images, etc. Big blocks of text are bad for websites simply because we scan more and more to quickly find the information relevant to us. We can help you with this and use our quality designs to get the user to the relevant online information quickly. This will put your website above all other in the same school districts.

Implement SEO

Many sites are not up to scratch when it comes to being optimised for search engines. They are either outdated or simply just not prepared for any search engine to rank. With one of our designs we focus in on the fundamentals letting effectively grow. SEO is something that many get wrong and needs an experienced hand to do correctly. It can help with every aspect of school life like helping people find you quicker and letting them find the relevant information easier.

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Keep Your Website Safe and Secure

With more and more school websites being attacked constantly keeping your site safe is at the top of our list of priorities. Your school site more than likely has sensitive data on it that if breached could have major damage on the publics confidence. Safe hosting is the first place to start by keeping your site safe. This is an avenue attackers often take when trying to get into sites online. This keeps the school, the staff and the wider school community safe.

On top of this we use top quality security scan software to be constantly checking your site for any attempted attacks. This means that your site will be as safe can be 24/7.

3 Reasons You Need a School Website

In this day and age not having a school website design is a major setback. The first way people look for information now is by searching online and without a proper presence you have no control over what is out there. Without a website, potential pupils could completely miss out on you and go elsewhere.

Make a Strong First Impression

A quality school website lets you take control of how people will view your institution from the offset and shows the school’s mission. Having the strongest district homepage is a great way to start, Not only does it let you have control, it shows people that your school is modern and up with the times. School websites work for you on a number of fronts. Not only will they keep current parents and real students up to date on upcoming events, school news and anything else that parents or students may need to know, it will work as a marketing tool to prospective families. This can become a powerful growth tool for your school – bringing in new students while being an asset to current ones and putting you above other schools

Your School Website – A Central Hub

The way schools function is changing more and more every year. Online platforms are becoming increasingly important to the schools day to day running. A school website is the perfect hub for all of this work. It can function as a place to redirect all parents and pupils both current and prospective back to and give them a deeper look into the world of what is going on. For example lets say you have a few social media accounts where you add updates, your school website can offer people a place to learn more about these updates.

You can even register parents and use it as a members only area for parents, and parents only to be able to gather more information updates. Going further with this, you can break it up by just making the information available to the relevant class group, year, etc. We can offer you the facility for teachers and students be able to share homework online and offer comments and updates based on specific students needs that is private just to the.

Reach a Bigger Audience

Building great school websites allows institutions to grow. How you may ask? Simply by being better than the rest. Many school websites rank very poorly online, even for their own search terms. With one of our school websites you can be out in front and ahead of the crowd letting you reach more and more people. Combine this with an active social media and you have the potential to reach a massive audience and create a community that is happy and growing consistently in the school district.