FAQ About Maintaining Your Website

What types of websites can benefit from web-upkeep services?

All sorts of websites, notwithstanding their specific details, can greatly benefit from web management services. A website is an online reception point for potential customers who visit the site to look for the latest data, buzz, and company information. For this reason, the website needs to remain updated and maintained properly all the time.

Without proper upkeep, a website’s allure to the visitor declines fast, and it becomes more difficult for a company’s brand to sustain an impactful online presence.

Benefits of web-upkeep

Web-upkeep services provide an opportunity to revamp the fundamental features of a website, such as content, links, images, and coding, among others. The goal is to make the website look newer by publishing updated information, pictures, or videos, and modernizing its whole look.

If you can keep your visitors coming back to your site, you can increase your conversion rate and revenues, and the best way to achieve this is by regularly maintaining your website. A well-kept website does better in search engine optimization (SEO) results, which means it can move up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

faq about maintaining your website

When do you begin your upkeep?

We begin our web maintenance project within 24 hours after we have received our client’s request or approval, together with the relevant content. We constantly engage with our clients through emails to let them know about the beginning, progress, and projected completion time.

How are you able to access my website’s details when publishing content?

Immediately after signing up for any of our web upkeep subscription packages, you will be expected to give us the website username and password given to you by your website hosting company. This compulsory information is needed to enable us to effect the changes needed in your site’s content.

How long does the upkeep take to complete?

We are very precise when it comes to the number of hours we allocate every month to a site and the turnaround time (TAT), which is determined by the subscription packages chosen by our client. The turnaround time (TAT) for our website edition plan is 24 hours.

How often does web upkeep occur?

It is important to maintain your website regularly. However, the regularity of the upkeep work depends on the website’s images, content, and space. Some of the content that must be updated regularly relates to the latest news and details, information, buzz, and development of the services, products, events, launches, acquisitions, contracts, patents, new locations, awards, recognitions, opportunities, and renovations, among others.

A properly and regularly maintained website demonstrates the company’s level of dynamism, professionalism, and versatility, which often interests many site visitors.

Can proper web-upkeep improve my site’s search engine ranking?

Yes. With proper and appropriate web maintenance plan, you can enhance your website to rank better in the SERPs. Updating your website with fresh and informative content, images, and links enables search engine crawlers to index your website, particularly because the number of visitors to your site has grown, thereby boosting traffic to your site and your search engine ranking.

Can I get your monthly upkeep plan even when you do not host my website?

We have numerous websites that we maintain but do not host. We encourage you to call us and get a free site review, which will also help us evaluate if our site stands to benefit from such management services. We can help our clients maintain many WordPress websites.

What services are typically included under a site maintenance contract?

Upkeep plans include regular alterations like updating contact data, adding a newsletter, names of the employees, text message updates, and adding pictures to the site’s photo gallery.

Please note: if we determine that your site’s upkeep needs might require more time than usual, we can agree on a flat rate for services that have extra services, such as a site redesign.

Will my website be “down” as it undergoes maintenance service?

No. Your website will continue to work as normal as long as the routine upkeep request work continues.

Is it possible for the client to see and review the changes on their site before they go live?

For WordPress websites, the changes occur on the live site. Nonetheless, if the client wishes to see the changes, we are always ready to transfer a copy of your site to a development domain, where we effect the changes and ask for your input before we present the updated site to your live domain.

Is a upkeep package necessary even when my website is not that big or complex?

At some point, all websites require some level of upkeep. Even the simplest of websites will require regular updates and monitoring to keep the software up-to-date and ensure the data is properly backed up. Big sites may require more extensive or complex upkeep needs; however, site maintenance packages are necessary for all sites.

Can I handle the updates myself?

Users can update information on their websites themselves. However, this is not the recommended approach. Website maintenance is hardly among the top priorities for many small business organizations. Hiring an expert to maintain the site for you guarantees that the work is done properly and regularly, thus helping your business achieve its goals.

Doesn’t my website’s hosting company offer most of these services?

Often, it is difficult for business owners and webmasters to get customized site upkeep services from their hosting companies. Most hosting companies only provide the basic site updates and backups needed by the site. We recommend that you engage a web designer who is dedicated to understanding your brand, your professional practice, and what your website really needs to be successful in the digital space.