5 Content Creation Tools You Need To Know About

Churning out great content consistently can feel like an impossible task, but help is here. We are going to show you tools to help with both content idea and also creating said content for your social media marketing and website. Read on to see our 5 content creation tools you need to know about.

Canva Is Great For Images

Creating images and graphics that entice in readers and keep them engaged is a must. This is where Canva comes in. With it, you can create images for any social media and of any size to a professional standard. Create properly sized images for Instagram, Facebook or whatever social platform you may be using.

Make use of their catalogue of images, fonts, animations, etc. This gives you the chance to make high quality images not only for free, but through your phone and quickly.

Content Creation With Google Trends

Google Trends is a free to use and powerful tool you can wield. It lets you see what people are searching for online, allowing you to capitalise on these searches. See the keywords people are searching and how they can be relevant to your business.

Not only can you see trends, but you can see what searches are being made, but where they are being made. A word to the wise however, these are trends and will usually very quickly burn out. Even if you rank quickly, this may soon be out of date.

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Use Udemy As Your Guide For Content Creation

Are you writing a piece, but no really sure what to include? Search for the topic on Udemy to see not what only to say, but the structure to write the content in.

Go through their online courses and find one that suits the topic you are writing for. Copy this courses table of contents as the layout for the headings of your written piece. At the very least these posts can give you a clue of what your post should contain.

Unsplash To Get The Best Images

Unsplash offers you a gigantic catalogue of royalty free images. Get access to tonnes upon tonnes of free to use images. They do ask that you credit the photographer but this is discretionary.

The drawback here of course is that the images are free for you…and everyone else. Your images won’t be unique to you. However, does that really matter if it’s just used as filler for the site? If this does really bother you then make a modification to the image.

Amazing Newsletters With GetResponse

GetResponse lets anybody create e-mail templates to the highest of standards. Get professional templates without ever having to code or design anything. These e-mails are adapted to all screen sizes and will make your content pop.

On top of this, GetResponse will give you metrics like open rate and conversion rates. It’s not free, but for $15 it’s tough to argue with,

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