Your Quick Guide To White Hat Link Building

Building up your website to be the number one result for your niche is a guaranteed way to boost your business. 90% of searches on Google go to the first page. If you aren’t there then you are missing out on serious results. Read on to find out what exactly white hat link building is, and what is the best way to go about doing it.

White Hat Link Building

White hat SEO is the “goodie” of the search engine optimisation world. It is the method of SEOing your website using methods that are approved and allowed by Google under their guidelines unlike it’s relation black hat SEO. However, keeping up using white hat methods may be a lot tougher than you think.

What is white hat link building? It is the method of acquiring backlinks using approved, safe ways to get backlinks to your website that won’t cause you to be penalised.

It is the safe and solid way to build links to your website, without using nefarious means according to Google. However, although Google is against building links using other methods, without links you won’t get anywhere.

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Your Quick Guide To White Hat Link Building

How To Build White Hat Links

According to Google, the best content gets to the top. This however isn’t completely true really. More and more content is covering the same general topics and so to stand out just isn’t really possible. Some content generally performs better than others, in particular video or infographics. These however aren’t the only methods you can use to get white hat backlinks.

Guest Posts for white hat link building

Guest posts are not the powerhouse they once were. The days of a free guest post are gone, and everyone wants money for a post on their site. This turns them into a sponsored post which is against Google’s terms of policy.

Creating a high quality email template and sending it out usually leads to a pretty good response rate. Especially if you have created quality content in your niche. However, most will want money back for the guest post which is once again against Google’s policy.

Just keep reaching out to new people and plugging away, eventually you will find someone who likes your content and style.

Broken Links

If you are looking to gather backlinks to your website, go in search of ones that are broken on other sites. Find broken links to posts that cover a topic similar to your website. Then, create content for that broken link and contact the owner of the website. Hopefully they will slot you into the broken link and et voila, new backlink for you.

Writing a genuine email to the website owner is a must if you want this to succeed. You have just made someone aware of an issue on their website, unless you can persuade them they will just the change. Unless your email and content is top notch then you don’t have much of a chance.

Engaging With Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs work in raising awareness of you and what you do in your niche. Use tools to find people creating content similar to yours and where their links are coming from. Most of these will be no-follow links but they all add up in the end.

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