Should You Hire an SEO Company?

If you are looking to SEO your website, you are faced with three options; do it yourself, hire someone to do it inhouse, or hire an SEO company. Each of these of course has it positives and negatives, but today we are going to look at the last option of hiring an SEO company. We will look at the benefits and negatives of this, and what you need to know about hiring.

Hiring an SEO company


This is often one of the biggest factors for businesses looking to hire anyone to do a job. It is unique to every business and so some services may be out of your reach or unsustainable for you. Cheap may seem good on paper, but you have to consider the reality of what you are facing.

If you are on an extreme budget, you can learn the basics yourself, or get an employee to do it. There are still things to consider here given the fact time is money or that you could have to pay for training.

You also need to think about the potential return you could get by getting to the top of the SERP in your niche.

Know What You Need

You do not need to be an SEO expert to look and have a basic plan done out for what you want to achieve in for website. Have an idea of the keywords you want to rank for and who your competitors are in the online world.

Do some basic research like understanding SEO best practices and lingo of SEO. Try and understand where your website is and where you want it to be from a more advanced position than “top.”

seo company

Know your SEO Practitioner

Whether the person/SEO company you get comes from a recommendation or a random hire, they should be able to provide you with examples of work and experience. This may come in the form of online reviews or a back catalogue of work.

If your hire is someone who is new to the world of SEO themselves then do not expect to pay top dollar for their services.

Know What to Expect

Understanding the in’s and out’s of SEO is important when it comes to you understanding whether the SEO is working for you or not. A good idea is to set targets for them to achieve and work towards.

These can be improving your ranking for specific key phrases, getting more traffic or more leads. You have to nail these down early on so you have a clear and predefined goal in mind.

Once these are settled devise a plan together to understand where you want to be month by month and how you will get there. You have to work with the SEO on this, expecting them to do the job in a month and have results just isn’t how it works.

Before beginning work, look for an example of a monthly report the SEO has done for another client or an example of what to expect from your report. SEO is easy to measure overall once goals are set.

Things to be Wary of

Like everything, there are con-artists out there who will try and short change you. This can come in either not doing the job, spamming your site and boosting your site before ultimately getting a penalty from Google. Fast SEO is not a thing, anyone saying they will get you results in three weeks is lying or going to cause you long term damage. 3-6 months is a much more honest timeframe.

Someone coming to you without a clearly defined plan is also not going to be a good hire. There is no one size fits all SEO strategy.

Finally, someone who isn’t forthcoming with reports is also not going to be worth your money. If you aren’t willing to back up you cost with concrete results then I wouldn’t hire them.

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company

Outsourcing of course offers many benefits, the biggest of which may be you getting the very best SEO services there is out there for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to do it in-house. You also do not have the be spending time managing the work yourself and being sure someone is doing it right.

Freelancer’s also let you work without contracts. Meaning you can stop the work whenever you want, or put it on hold. You do not have the worries and responsibilities that hiring someone usually brings.

Picking an SEO Hire The Works Best For You

When undertaking SEO for your business you have a lot of decisions to make. Undertaking the work yourself may be too much for you to do between learning and implementing the work. This is where hiring someone or a company may be best for you. They offer a lot of knowledge hopefully and can push you to where you want.

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