Navan Bakery Innovates To Deal With Crisis

With all of the issues presented to the hospitality sector due to Covid-19, a quick response was vital to stay afloat. Bakealicious, a Navan bakery built and launched a brand new e-commerce platform to sell their cakes and bakes all around Ireland with Meath Web Design.

At the beginning of the pandemic landing in Ireland many in the industry were left unsure on how to proceed. With many businesses were left devastated by having to close or reduce service to just take away. The only solution (to those that could) was to go online.

Bakealicious saw this opportunity and got in contact with us. Initially they just wanted to get an e-commerce platform online and live. Thus, in under two days this had gone from an idea to a reality. It was bare bones, just selling a few varieties of cake to be sent through the post.

A few months on and many boxes of cake later it’s purpose has morphed. However, gone are the days of just posting cake, now you can order your lunch or coffee from your phone and have it sitting waiting for you. Want a personalised birthday cake? No problem for this bakery. Play around with designs and ideas in the comfort of your own home with their new website. This has put Bakealicious and it’s owner into a unique position in the town.

Going Forward for the Navan Bakery

The plans going forward for this Meath Bakery’s online world is even more elaborate. This means customisation and freedom to choose is what the bakery aims to succeed with and with Christmas fast approaching business looks set to be busier than ever.

If you want to check out the e-commerce website we designed, you can. If you are interested in web design in Navan, get in contact with us.


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