internal linking

Internal Linking – The Mistakes to Avoid

You have read our previous posts covering the basics of internal linking and the linking guide for what you need to know. In this post we are going to explain to you the common mistakes you need yo avoid to get the best out of your website. Read on to find out what can go …

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internal link guide

Internal Linking Structure – Internal Link Guide

Creating an internal linking structure that works when you are new to SEO can be difficult. However, with a little bit of planning and thinking you can create something that is sure to power your website. Read on to see our internal link guide and get the best for your website. Check out our other …

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internal linking structure

Internal Linking Structure – The Basics

When creating a website, it is vital to use the correct internal linking structure. Without, your sit will really struggle to rank for a keyword. Having a poor structure would mean that your site is missing out massively on potential SEO gains. Read on to see how you can best structure your website and get …

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core web vitals

The Truth About Core Web Vitals

In 2020, Google told us all that Core Web Vitals would play a role in determining SEO rankings for 2021. As well as this, they said they would be announcing a test that would give users an idea of pages with a great experience. Ever since, web designers, managers, etc have been bringing their websites …

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online payment processors

What Are My Online Payment Processor Options?

If you want to take payments online, you are going to need an online payment processor. There are a number of considerations you have to make when it comes to picking the right processor for you. Read on to find out what the most popular ones are, and which will work best for you. PayPal …

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website metrics

How To Use Website Metrics To Measure Success

Do you want to get a real understanding of how your website is actually performing? Well then website metrics are the way to go to aid in your understanding. There are a few different tools and indeed key performance indicators here, but the most popular is Google Analytics. However, this is not a review of …

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seo company

Should You Hire an SEO Company?

If you are looking to SEO your website, you are faced with three options; do it yourself, hire someone to do it inhouse, or hire an SEO company. Each of these of course has it positives and negatives, but today we are going to look at the last option of hiring an SEO company. We …

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SEO on a small budget

Make SEO on a Budget Work For You

Do you want to improve your businesses SEO on a small budget? To be successful, you need to know what to do and what will benefit your business the most. Read on to see how you can do just that. Look At Competitors You are definitely not the only business competing in your niche. Look …

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5 Ways To Improve Your Call To Action

5 Ways To Improve Your Call To Action

What is a call to action (CTA)? Well it is that little thing designed to urge a potential client into the next step of your website. Whether this is a purchase, a newsletter signup or a free demo, they are a crucial part of getting business. Read on for the six ways we think you …

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blogging platform

What is the Best Blogging Platform for you?

Are you thinking of starting a blog up in 2021? No single platform will suit everyone, and each one will have benefits and drawbacks. Some are paid, some are a little more complicated to use and others will be better for SEO. Read on to see what blogging platform works best for you and your …

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