Website Maintenance: Tips To Keep Your Site Safe

Website maintenance is key to any business. Regular maintenance is more than just keeping everything fresh, it means keeping your site up to date with newest safety features and ensuring it runs efficiently. See our recommendations to keep your site safe.

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Maintain the Website Often

Regular website checks and updates are a must, we would say at the very least, once a year. Every 3 months would an optimum amount. Doing this means you can find any content errors, embarrassing typo errors, broken links or poorly optimised content. Check the site both as a user and behind the scenes to get a full 360 view of things.

Up to Date Responsiveness

Make sure your site response well on all browsers and on all device sizes with those browsers. This should be done every six months as demands are constantly changing.

Points Of Contact/Forms

Ensure all of your forms or other points of contact are working. From being able to write in forms, to buttons and checkouts if you have an e-commerce site. Errors should display if you input the wrong info or miss a section. If these aren’t working as they should you could be missing out on tonnes of clients.

Regularly Perform Backups

Backups are the only thing stopping you from losing your entire website, and so must be done regularly. Your business may be the backbone of your company and losing it could be devastating. Backups can be done automatically using a plugin.

Website Maintenance With Analytics

Stop issues early on before they grow into something bigger with analytics. Keep an eye on your key performance indicators (KPI’s) to get issues sorted fast. If your SEO rankings drop these will indicate that something is up with your site and not well. This work however will not only mean your site is safe but it will be optimised and ranking better.

Check Your Security Software

To protect both your information and your site from people trying to break their way into your site you must use security software. Options like WordFence are good. Make sure everything is up to date and can be updated regularly by having them update automatically. Regular checks though mean that you won’t leave anything behind.

You have to keep your site up to date for multiple reasons. These range from security to speed and content. If you avoid it your could run the risk of not only losing business but your entire website. If you would like website maintenance preformed on your site, get in contact today.

Regular website maintenance is a must for everyone who manages a site. Without, not only will your content become dated but your very business itself could be put at risk. If you like your website redesigned, check out our web design Meath page.