The 5 Social Media Visuals You Need to Use

Are you creating for social media but all of your content looks a bit all the same? We have five great ways to shake up your content into something a bit more engaging. Read on to see our 5 social media visuals you need to use.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a great way to shake up your social media visuals and give people something new. What is it? Well it is any media shared by one of your customers showing or talking about your product.

It is a great way to spread your brand, as the poster is recommending it to their followers while also giving you easy to access material to use. All you have to do is hit share and tag the original poster in the new post.


Infographics make understanding information easier and faster by bringing images, graphs and text together to tell a story. Break content down into bite size chunks like multiple images or various posts to keep viewers engaged. These posts also combine well with most social media platforms vertical viewing platform.

Product Photos

High quality, striking product photos are a great way to show your brand. Simple in theory but difficult in practice, it is a sure way to gain traction online. The camera on your phone can bring you a long way, but if you want the best of the best you will need to invest. You can learn the basics yourself and buy a professional camera, or of course hire a photographer.

Repurpose Content

Continuously creating content for social media is a never ending job. Taking blog posts you have previously done and condensing the material into a graphic can be a great way to save time. You more than likely have these pieces already created when making the blog post.

Share Your Screen

Share your screen to engage with people. This can work for any industry. Showcase your product and website all at once by giving people demos or showing them how to buy your product.

Create Videos

Video content is a powerful asset on social media. Studies show that videos get more engagement than normal posts and can let you share so much more information. Not only do they do this, they drive engagement. Showcase products, tell stories and reach more people than ever with video.

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