marketing funnel

The Marketing Funnel And Social Media

A  marketing funnel is the meat and veg of every ad man or woman there has ever been. It is process a client goes through from becoming acquainted with your brand to becoming a life long customer. In this post, we will document this journey for the modern marketer. Using Funnels With Social Media Social …

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Social Media And Emojis With Your Brand

What are emojis? Well they are those little images you see in text everywhere, roughly translated from Japanese it means pictograph. Where exactly they came from is unsure but they seamlessly became a part of how we communicate with each other. Developed by NTT DoCoMo in late 1990’s Japan, their stardom didn’t come until the …

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social media in meath

How To Build Trust Using Social Media

How do you manage to not only develop a following online, but grain trust? Trust goes beyond a like here or there, it develops your company into something people tell others about and recommend. Nowadays, trust between companies and consumers is constantly being eroded, so how do you, a presumably not gigantic corporate entity make …

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