5 Ways To Improve Your Call To Action

What is a call to action (CTA)? Well it is that little thing designed to urge a potential client into the next step of your website. Whether this is a purchase, a newsletter signup or a free demo, they are a crucial part of getting business. Read on for the six ways we think you can improve your CTA’s.

Know Where to Put Your Call To Action

This is an easy thing to get right, and an easy thing to get wrong. You want to have a CTA near the top of your page, definitely above the fold for where your page will load in so people can take immediate action on your site.

Another point to remember is those mobile phone users with your responsive design. We live in a right handed world. This means sticking your CTA up in the the top left handed corner is not going to suit the majority of people in this world. You are better off designing your mobile CTA to sit somewhere in around the range of the right thumb – middle of the page is perfect.

You want to make it easy as possible for users to make use of your website. Putting a call to action at the top of the page, middle and bottom means you will cover all bases.

Keep It Simple

Do not overwhelm users with with options. Giving people too many options can lead to lack of action, this is called the paradox of choice. Ask people to do one thing and thing only. Don’t be asking them to sign up to your newsletter and then asking them to ring you for a quote. This gives too many signals.

This rule is not a hard and fast one, but it is good to keep it in mind and limit how many times you ask people to do two different things on one page.

Remove Any Barriers on Your Call to Action

Making it as easy as you possibly can for people to do whatever you ask them is an imperative when designing call to actions. A well made call to action should let the user complete the action on the same page they saw it on, or very quickly on a second page.

The ideal compromise is to have a pop up on your site when a user clicks a call to action. This saves on space on your website and makes the process simple for your user.

Have The Right Text

Willing your users into clicking your CTA is not easy, so using words that will encourage them is a must. Something like “see more” won’t do much for you. However, text like “Call Now” or “Get Your Free Quote Today” will encourage people to click. This works by creating a sense of immediacy that the person must do NOW.

You should make sure the text around your CTA is meaningful enough to want to make a user click on the button. Create a sense of anticipation

Make it Standout

Your CTA is no use to you if it is subtle or hard to read. Instead, you want to make your call to action hop off the page and stick out like a sore thumb. Make it a strong, contrasting colour with easy to read text to make it easy for the user.

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